Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where o' where did my mojo go???

I've been so busy lately that it's been like 2 weeks since I've done any form of crafting and I was going batty!! I sat down last night even though I was totally wiped out because I just felt the need to make some cards or something and low and behold...my mojo was missing!!! I made three cards which were plain and boring and I started looking for inspiration on blogs but was pretty much falling asleep at my desk and gave up. I even left my mess out all over the floor and my table which I NEVER do and went and crawled into bed. I watched a bit of Gilmore Girls and within 10 minutes I was OUT! On the bright side I've been having massive bursts of energy the past two mornings and I've gotten some killer workouts in, including today! Yesterday I worked out for 45 minutes on Wii Fit doing various things from the Yoga, Aerobic and Strength Training sections and then finished with 45 minutes of working out with weights. Then I walked 3 miles. Today I jogged for 30 minutes on my treadmill and finished with the awful and dreadful sit-ups! I hate sit-ups with a passion but I wanna get rid of this tummy chub so I gotta do it! At noon I'm gonna go for the 3 mile walk again. I walk down to my grandma's church to pick up my son and cousin from VBS and then walk back home. Praise the Lord it's been really nice outside so it's a great walk! Now that I'm all cooled off from my morning workout I'm gonna hop in the shower! I pray everyone is having a FABULOUS day!!! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I see no lack of Mojo!!! These cards are great. Simple is not boring don't be so hard on yourself.
    Good for you on the walking and working out! You are a more driven girl than me!

  2. Hey, they're not bad. Simple is good sometimes. Just think how easy they'll be to mail!
    Yay for all the working out you've been doing. Way better than me!