Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swap cards

I signed up for a CTMH consultant card swap and had to make 3 sets of 10 cards (3 different designs) so last night I watched Harpers Island episodes and did the last 2 sets I needed to do. Harpers Island was a bit too much for me in the murder area but I got sucked in and just HAD to know who the killer was. Also, I'm a bit of a fraidy-cat and once I started watching an episode late in the night I had to finish to get my closure so I could sleep without the nightmares! LOL Yeah, no kiddin, I'm the kind of girl that when I'm freaked out by a scary movie has to turn every light on in the house as I'm walking through it and when I'm done in a room I flip the light off and RUN to the next room because my mind thinks that 'something' could jump out and grab me! LOL I try to logically think that I know there isn't anything in the house that is going to "get me" but the chicken part of my brain thinks maybe something slipped in! LOL So yeah, that's a peak into how my brain works! I try not to watch scary movies/shows but sometimes I let one slip by! :)

Anyways, here is one of the cards I made for the swap (1 of 10):

Now the 3rd set of 10 cards I made didn't go as planned. When I was cutting the papers I didn't even think about how they would layout on the paper. So although the cards are all supposed to look the same in each set this set didn't turn out that way. They're still cute but most of them look a little different!

We have a scrapbook expo coming up this weekend and my upline & I are manning a booth to show off CTMH products. I cut out enough papers to do 70 make-n'-take cards for people to test out the products. Connie (my upline) has also done 50 different cards so hopefully that will be enough for the day. Here is the card I made as a sample for the people to get an idea of how they might make their card.

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  1. Great cards. I haven't watched Harper's Island, is it like reality or a a series?
    Kim xXx