Friday, July 3, 2009

It's like heaven on earth!

Ok, so my boyfriend, aka my MIB finally made his glorious appearance on my doorstep! I swear I could just smooch him if it weren't against the marriage rules! LOL Anyways, my package was full of wonderful goodness that I could just touch and stare at all day! Can you tell I love this stuff?? Yeah, I do! So, I took pictures to share in my fun!

Here's everything in the box (after I had already gone through it, flipped my stamps and put back in the box):

Now for the breakdown. Card Confidence Program volume 1 and page protectors:

Holiday Photo Greeting Card kit, Best Friends Stickease, Lazy Days of Summer Stickease:

Holiday Creative Basics (which I already got in a different goody box):

Groovy Blossoms paper pack, Heirloom paper pack:

Autumn Leaves Craft Buttons:

Abundance paper pack (another duplicate for me), Key To My Heart paper pack, Best Friends Forever paper pack:

Flower page elements, All About Nature childrens scrapbooking kit (3rd duplicate), Groovy Buttercup scrapbooking kit:

Stamp Sets: A Little Bee, Princess, Abundance Borders, A Friend Is:

Stamp Sets: Miracle, The Gift Of Love:

Ribbon Rounds: Organdy Autumn Garden, Designer Outdoor Denim, Designer Twilight:

My Accents: Pewter, Gold, Baby Pink and the 4th didn't have a color name on it but it looks like an olive green color:


  1. I can't wait to get mine! I already have a few of the stamp sets but that is okay. And if I have duplicates of the other items that is okay because you always use up embellishments and paper!

  2. So I was looking for an email for you so I could tell you what was in my kit but I didn't find one! I will reply to your comment on my page if you want to see what I put in the kit!

  3. Wow! You got some great stamp sets!!! And tons of embellishments! Awesome!!

  4. lots of yummies!!! Your stamp sets are wayyy better than the ones I got in the $100 box...sigh.
    Way to score!!!