Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weight Watchers

I've been using my blog for posting my creative stuff but I'm gonna start adding in my newest adventure...weight watchers! I like the accountability that I'll have from publicly having to talk about my progress and it will also be a way for me to pass on what I'm learning to friends and family that are interested but can't make it to meetings or afford the cost of the program.

Tonight will be the first weigh-in and meeting I go to and I'm SOOOOOO beyond excited about it. I did WW 3 years ago online and lost 30lbs. I quit the program because I got pregnant and they didn't have a plan that was designed for pregnancy. Sadly I lost that baby and went on to lose another baby and then PRAISE THE LORD, I had my 2nd successful pregnancy and now have my daughter, Tatym who is a year old (July 2nd). It's time for me to get serious about changing my eating habits and make a point to have a workout schedule and stick with it. I want to have a healthy and long life (or at least until the rapture) and I want to be able to run and play with my kids and ride on fair rides and do all the fun stuff that in-shape parents do with their kids! I want to feel good about how I look and be able to wear cute clothes that weren't designed to just cover up the fat! LOL

So, I'll blog tonight about my first meeting and keep my blog up-to-date with my weightloss progress! I'm hoping to eventually lose around 110-120 lbs so I know this isn't going to happen over night (although I wish it could LOL)!

As ashamed as I am about how heavy I am, to be open and honest about what I'm going through I'll even post my weight on here. I'll start with my 'starting off weight' tonight after the first weigh-in! *gulp*

Alright...this day is going by soooooo slowly....c'mon 6pm!!! LOL

****Oh yay...just figured out how to change my font and colors and this is even more fun!!!


  1. I don't know you personally, but I am proud of you! Weight loss is a tough thing. I love how you're looking at it though. The big picture is a beautiful one. I'll be chk'ing in on you every step of the way and cheering you on!! GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Christina,
    I'm so sorry for your losses. Ben and I have tried for 11 years to have a baby and I can't, I'm poly-cystic, and haven't responded to any treatments.

    Now, onto losing weight. I began my journey last year on June 22. I weighed 284.6 and to date, I now weigh 201. It is a very slow process, but one well worth it. I have lost weight and dieted my entire life. This time, it is about making a lifestyle change and like you said, living! I want to LIVE! I am on 1200 calorie a day. The important thing for me was a food journal and measuring my food. I am cheering for you and when it gets tough, I'll be here to push you on!
    Good luck to you, sista!

  3. You Go Girl! I've been on WW (online) for at least 3 months and I'm touch and go with it. You've encouraged me to stop dancing around the subject and either accept myself the way I am or do something about it. I'll be watching you and praying for you too as we have the same Father... :)

  4. Christina, you're awesome for putting all of that out there. I've decided that it's time for me to get in shape, too. I'm trying to workout more regularly and eat better. My son is almost 2 and I've still got that baby belly. We can go through this together!!