Monday, July 6, 2009

Pretty day but I love being inside!

I'm such an addict! LOL It's like 70 degrees outside, bright and shiny and I'm inside working on cards! LOL My son even busted out a card for some friends of his that moved away a few months ago! I love that he has fun making cards with me!

So here is a card I made for my hubby's grandparents wedding anniversary. They're celebrating 70 years of marriage this summer! WOW, that is HUGE! Now-a-days it's a miracle if a marriage lasts 10 years so it's just amazing to be able to celebrate a marriage that has truly stood the test of time! These 2 people are so sweet and loving and have accepted me into their family from day one and I just adore them!

I made this card for a friends birthday:


  1. 70!!! You made a beautiful card...they will LOVE it!!

  2. 70 years!!! wow what a great card for them!!!!
    I love your second card as well. Just perfect. Too fun that your son made a card too LOL. I try to keep my kids AWAY from my stuff :-)