Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Scrappin Space

I know I'm always curious to see how other crafters have their space set up and I'm uber jealous of the ladies that have a whole room just for their creative outlet so I thought I'd post pics of my space. I've sort of taken over the dining room area of our 3 bedroom 1 bath duplex. I hated the way a kitchen table seemed to take up all the space in there because the sliding glass door that leads to our backyard is in the dining room along with the door that leads to the garage so our kitchen table is now in the garage being used to hold boxes and what not. I bought a folding craft table from my friend Bonnie at a garage sale for $5 and it's perfect for my space and my needs. I can fold it up when I'm done and stick it in the corner and pull it out when I need it.

So, here is a picture of our dining room (view from our living room) when the table is folded up.

Here's how I set the table up with my comfy computer desk chair.

Here are pics of my computer desk armoire that I got for my birthday from my wonderful hubby (he let me pick out what I wanted). I've converted it to my craft closet. I've stuck it in the corner of the dining room.

This is what the inside looks like:

Very top of the armoire holds my paper bins, latest shipments that I haven't had a chance to sort through yet, photo boxes with envelopes and extra pens and stuff for my home gatherings.

The top shelf is open and I put my CTMH card/scrapbooking layout books, my embellishments, extra stamp sets, jars that hold buttons, glitter, projects that I'm working on for swaps or whatever else.

After you open the doors, in the space that you would normally put a computer monitor, I have a magazine rack for my scrapbook/cardmaking magazines, my scrapbook, extra packs of cardstock, a holder for my pens/markers, glue, other embellishments, my paper cutters, business stuff (calculator, prize box, etc). In this first pic, the keyboard table is pulled out and I use that as an extra shelf for cardstock. The 2nd picture is with the table pushed in.

The bottom section I use for my bins of ribbon, scissors/hole punches, photographs, stickers and misc. inks/stamps (non CTMH).

Since the dining room can't fit all my stuff I've taken over a big portion of the garage as well! I love my hubby for letting me have and store all this stuff! He's so good to me and my addiction! Here is the view from our garage door:

I've got two bookshelves that hold things like templates for paper boxes or other crafts I've made, empty storage jars, a box full of toilet paper rolls for future projects, my Idea Books and other business forms, other things I've found that I want to alter in one way or the other (cookie sheets, picture frames, etc.), I also have some VHS movies that don't fit in the house and a craft bin for my son's stuff.

There's a table that was here when we moved in that I use for storing bins of paper scraps, templates, extra cardstock, blank scrapbooks or other altering projects.

These drawers hold fun stuff I find at scrapbook stores like blank recipe boxes, fun mini albums, blank clock frames, etc. The bottom drawer on the right has paper packs that I've bought from JoAnn's.

So there ya have scrappin space! I dream of one day having my very own room that would have a door on it so I could leave things out and I wouldn't have to worry about little fingers destroying anything! For now I don't mind (too much) having to set things out when I'm ready to craft and then put everything away when I'm done! I'm just thankful to even have a corner to work on my projects! The bonus is that I can still visit with my hubby and any company we have while I'm working on things and I have a plug-in near my table so I can use my hubby's laptop to browse blogs or watch movies as I'm working.

I hope you have had an amazing 4th of July weekend and now I'm off to do something creative in my little corner! :O)


  1. Thanks for sharing your space Christina. It looks like you've made the most of not having a confined space of your own. TFS.

  2. I don't know about you, but it never feels like I have enough space! At our previous house I had a huge room, tons of space, it was also the computer room and laundry was the garage renovated into a family room. But when we bought...I super downsized to a long white table in our kitchen...w/ a closet for all my stuff. But...I have decided to give up massage therapy till my children are school age, so we are going to transition that room into my scrapbook room...and I'm SUPER excited! Enough room for my table and lots of storage!!! I'll take pics when it happens at the end of August!

  3. Hey Christina,

    I have a 1 bedroom apt (but its just me and my DH) and so I have a small space as well... in the dining room! haha I have a fold up camping table set against the wall and covered with a nice table cloth. then I put the actual kitchen table up against it. So the camper table holds all of my tools, papers, etc and then I scrap on the table. It is tough when I want to leave things out (but since I dont have children, its a bit different) because it gets so messy... but my DH encourages the creativity! Yay! hehe Thanks for sharing... maybe when my space is in a cleaner state, I will share photos of my scrap space! :)

  4. I can't believe I never saw the inside of your house, Christina! I think you have a very nice space. I like the table especially, lol! (-: I am thinking of starting a scrapping blog, now that I have my scrap area set up I can share pictures there! Watch for it!