Thursday, July 16, 2009

My 1st meeting!

Alright...*deep breath* starting out weight is:
264.8 lbs.

I knew it was going to be around that, I half expected it to be 270 because that's what the scale said last time I got on it in my bathroom a week ago. My first mini goal is to lose 5% which works out to be 13 lbs.

According to the book they gave us, for my height (5'9") my healthy weight ranges are:
Minimum joining weight is 140 lbs (this is saying that in order to qualify to join WW you have to need to lose at least 5 lbs so if I weighed 135lbs then I couldn't join)
Minimum weight: 135
Maximum weight: 169

When I was in high school I fluctuated from 170-175 and still felt fat so I'm hoping to be somewhere around 160 but Josh (my hubby) thinks I'll look gross that small. BUT, that's coming from the guy that likes some meat on a girls bones! :O) I honestly could care less what the scale said (except I want desperately to be under 200 lbs) , as long as I like what I see and I feel good.

So there we have starting out point!!! I'm armed with the tools & support I need and I'm ready to get going!
My daily POINTS target is 34 (whoa, that seems like a lot) and I get 35 allowance points a week. I'll update this weekly (at least) to show my progress (or lack of...hope not) and pass on what I'm learning about the program and myself! Thanks for riding along with me! :)
Now I need to go take a "before" picture and someday I'll post it on here....maybe once I've reached my 10% goal so we can do a picture to compare!


  1. Christina-Good for you on all your hard work! I'm with you-I'm trying to drop some weight too-it's hard hard work! I wish it was just as hard to put it on!

    I love your scrapping and wanted to let you know I've started a new blog and am looking for a design team. I know you are a blog lover and a great networker. I thought you might be interested in applying and would also love if you would pass it on or post about it. We need some good talent!

  2. Good for you Christina to start to get healthy and for the willingness to share your journey with the rest of us. I wish you all the luck in this process and look forward to seeing you meeting your goals.

  3. You ROCK Christina! I am so glad to be on this journey with you!!!

  4. You go girl!! I look forward to sharing in your weight loss adventure (-: through your blog and rejoicing with you as you get yourself to where you want to be! You are one amazing and beautiful person, Christina. I love you!

  5. Christina,

    I want to encourage you soooo much on your goal of losing weight, so proud of you!!

    I am also a Chrsitian, we have that in common. I also attended WW and to my knowledge I am the youngest person to go through WW, I was only seven years old. That was many years ago and now I think you must be ten years old. I struggled with my weight as a child and I still have to watch my weight. I no longer have a weight problem and I give most of the credit to WW, they are wonderful. They taught me many, many years ago how to watch portions, it is all about protion control and I hate to admit it but they must be small portions. I will be following your blog and I cannot wait to see the picture of you when you have reached your goals....your are a beautiful girl from the photo and you should be go, go, go! You can do it. I will be praying too. Big hugs to you:):):):)

    enjoy *~*