Monday, August 31, 2009

My clumsy update! LOL

For those that missed the lovely story of how I injured myself, read the 2nd post down and you'll be all caught up! :O)

I managed to get some sleep last night thanks to some Advil PM but the pain woke me up off and on. Today my knees are really tender and it's hard because I'm trying to work on my range of motion but it hurts somethin fierce especially when I bend my left knee. I don't think I did major damage to the knee itself but I'm fairly certain I've bruised it internally and it will just take time before it feels better. My right knee oozes grossness a lot but I've kept bandages on it for most of the day. Right now I'm in shorts and letting them get some air but will put some more neosporin and bandages on before bed. I guess the silver lining to all of this is that I haven't been as itchy today from the poison oak. I don't know if that means it's healing up and getting better or its just that my mind is mainly focused on the pain from my knees and forgets that I'm itchy too! LOL Whatever the case, I'm just glad I'm not as itchy!

I took my son to get an eye exam today and found out that he needs glasses for reading. He's pretty excited about it but I know that will pass after awhile and I can just see the battles to get him to wear them. Maybe since DH and I both wear glasses and he will only have to wear them when we do school work or when he's reading his comic books it won't be so bad. I thank God that he doesn't have to wear them all the time because he's very athletic and I'd hate for him to have to wear them while playing sports and stuff.

My daughter will be 14 months old on Wednesday and can you believe it...she still has yet to have a tooth pop through her little gums! It's craziness! I know the longer it takes for them to get teeth, the healthier they are but it's so funny to see all our friends' babies with mouths full of teeth and my sweet girl has zippo! :O) We can tell there are at least 2 teeth wanting to pop out on her bottom gums but it's been at least a month that it's looked like that. I joked with my sister who is in dental school that maybe I should be worried that she doesn't have any teeth but I know that's not the case! I'm curious to see what she's going to look like with teeth. I just love seeing how much babies change.

Alright, enough blabbering, I should go do something creative or at least get my shopping list in order! YAY for payday tomorrow! :)
Thanks for all the well wishes and sympathy, you girls really are the best! *sniffle*tear*sniffle* LOL HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!

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  1. Well, hopefully it will get better each and every day. You're in my prayers every day!