Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missin my boy!

My little man, Keegan is off spending 2 nights with his Mema (my mom) and his Uncle Bubby (my baby brother who is actually going to be 10 in Dec.) and it's so strange when he's not here. He's 6 1/2 and has only had like less than 10 sleepovers so I'm still trying to adjust to nights when he's away. It feels like a piece of my heart is missing, like I'm not complete when my kiddos are away from me. I just have to stop and thank the Lord for restoring my marriage because I don't know how I'd handle having to share custody. I feel so bad for my hubby who only gets to see his son 2 days a month, if we're lucky! I know how hard it is for him and even after 11 years he's still has a hard time with it. Anyways, so I feel like I'm forgetting something all the time like going to bed last night and seeing Keegan's door open and thinking I needed to send him to bed or this morning he wasn't on the couch like he is every morning and thinking I need to go see if he's sick...LOL...needless to say I can't wait til he gets home Friday! He called last night and asked if we could get him a present and write him notes while he's gone! Goober! I already planned on making him a card or two but doubt we'll go buy him a video game like he wants us to. We're trying not to spoil the kids by buying them stuff all the time. Keegan has to earn his own money and save to buy what he wants except for at birthdays or holidays or a rare treat! Here's the card I made him last night:

Hubby & I have a new tv show obsession...LOST! Yeah, I saw previews forever and thought it was some weird sci-fi show that I had no interest in watching but, like with Twilight, my curiosity won out and I watched the 2 pilot episodes and got hooked! I'm all through Gilmore Girls and am now on season 2 of Lost! My poor hubby doesn't get to watch all the episodes because he's at work during the day and spends a few nights a week playing video games with one of his best friends so I watch episodes without him and so all he gets is a recap from me! :O) I guess if I was a good wife I'd wait for him but oh well! LOL He really doesn't mind! If he asked me to only watch them with him then I would!

Alright, I'm off to enjoy some alone time with my daughter!! HAPPY THURSDAY! Oh yeah, it's weigh-in day at WW! Sorta nervous about this week because I haven't worked out at all and had a couple bad POINTS days...we shall see! I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Cute card Christina! I so know what you mean about missing kids...It's so not right when they are not there.

  2. Oh Sweetie I know what you mean. When my Little Kids come to visit and stay a few days with me, it takes a week to realize they're not here. Praise God for all his blessings!! Your card is just darling! I love Tinkerin'
    I am addicted to LOST, when it returns, this is the final season boo hoo....
    Kim xXx