Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Morning

Wow, what another gorgeous day the Lord has blessed us with!! It's not even 9am yet and the kids have already played outside and we have the back door open to let in the summer air! Once we get our homeschooling done for the day I'm going to try to get outside, maybe a trip to the beach or the park!

Here are 3 cards I made last night. I love how the butterfly one turned out...not so impressed with the other two but I'm posting the good, the bad and the ugly, no matter what! It's fun to look back at the way I've made cards even if some of them are lame-o!

Well, I'm outta here, gotta get some school work done so we can go play!!


  1. I know it is such a nice day.I love having that nice summer air come in my windows. I Hope that you guys enjoy the rest of your day. I love the card you have made. You are a such a crafty momma !!!

  2. I don't see any bad and ugly! I see 3 really wonderful cards. I love them all! The butterfly card is perfect...Yoda says so!

  3. Very pretty cards! I love the chocolate and brown! Cute Cute!

  4. Love that first one. It's my favourite, but the other ones are great, too!