Saturday, August 29, 2009

Message note board & birthday cards

Ok, so I told you guys that I have a million birthdays in Sept. so last night I finished up cards for everyone (there is really just 7 birthdays but it feels like a million). I made these two birthday cards for two of my friend Deena's sons and for the rest of the birthdays I used cards I had already made up and what a time saver that was!

After getting the cards done I decided to tackle a new project that I've been wanting to try out. I had found a package of 4-5 corkboards at Walmart for like $6 and knew I wanted to try to make one of these note boards. I dug through some of my craft bins in the garage and remembered I had bought some cloth napkins on clearance on the off chance I could find something to use them for and this was perfect! I found coordinating ribbon and went to work. It took awhile because staples weren't the best at holding the fabric on the back so then I busted out that stuff you use for sewing that doesn't require sewing! You put it between two pieces of fabric, use an iron and it glues it together. I added the ribbon, some brads to the front and this is the end result:

I put a birthday card on here to give you the idea of what to use it for (if you already didn't know):

I'm really excited with the way it turned out. Now I just need to put a piece of wood or cardboard on the back to make it more stable!

Alright, it's a beautiful day and the kids are napping right now so I'm going to go clean up my mess a bit (I'm a bad girl and left it out all night) and get some chores done or maybe squeeze in a nap for myself! :)


  1. These are awesome! What a great idea. I may have to chk out walmart as well. You can also try using a pizza pan and decorating that for a magnetic note board. They look really nice!

  2. Hey toots, you have been very busy! I love your little counting book. So very creative and I like that you kept it simple and want it to be a learning tool! All of your birthday cards are great. This message board is just gorgeous! I need some of your mojo!!!!
    Kim xXx

  3. Great Job Christina....ok my whole family about died at the Monkey Butt thing!!!!!