Saturday, August 29, 2009


So this is just a silly post but it was so funny that I thought I'd share it with everyone! LOL I have poison oak all over my legs and some spots on my arms and stomach so last night DH and I went to Walmart to get some calamine lotion and found this nifty bottle of ANTI-MONKEY BUTT powder and snatched it up super fast! Perfect gag gift for my BIL but yeah, a little embarrassing actually going through the checkout with it. You always wonder what those poor cashiers are thinking when they scan stuff like that! I wanted to announce that it wasn't really for us, that it was a gag gift but I'm sure they hear that all the time! LOL I'm actually thinking about going back and getting a few more for other people too! It was only like $5.50 for the bottle and so worth it to hand off as a gift!!! ROFLMBO!!! Oh, and this is my 2nd post of the day...look at the post below this one for a neat project I made last night and 2 birthday cards! I hope you're enjoying the weekend!!!!

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