Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gift Card Holder

So my stepson turns 12 tomorrow! My hubby and I have been together for 10 years and for most of that time Taylor (stepson) and I haven't had a very good relationship. The Lord has really been working on things and I can honestly say that for the past year things have been amazing! He and I have had some really great heart-to-heart conversations and things are really good now! We (DH and I) don't get along with Taylor's mom and because of that she hasn't let us see Taylor as much as any of us would like! Thank the Lord, Taylor is old enough now that he's asking to come over more so that's SUPER exciting! We're making the 5 hour drive over to see him tomorrow so we can take him out to lunch and give him his present! It makes for a long day when we spend 10 hours in the car but it's the only way we get to see him most of the time so we take what we can get! I still can't believe he's turning 12! I remember when he was in diapers and here he is, one year shy of being a teenager! YIKES! I'm only 28 so it's weird to have a 12 year old son...makes me feel prematurely old! LOL

Anyways, Taylor is beyond spoiled when it comes to birthdays/holidays and even pretty much every other day (LOL) so it's very hard to find him presents he'll like or use that he doesn't already have. The last year or two we've just decided to give him money because what person doesn't like getting money? As my inlaws always say, it's the perfect color and perfect size! LOL So instead of just throwing the gift card inside the birthday card I made a gift card holder for it!

This is one side:

This is the other side:

This is the inside:

Another view of the inside:


  1. This is so adorable....and such a terrific idea.

  2. I think its great. That is my fav paper pack.
    I bet it was a hit.

  3. What a fun little project. I need to make some gift card holders myself. Love the paper you used. Too cute.

  4. Hang in there're doing the right thing! The card holder is great he may appreaciate the loving touch now but he for sure will even more in the really will mean a lot that you took the time to make him something, and WOW the 10 hour trip...that's gotta make an impression!

  5. super cute and love this card idea....