Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday cards

Last night my hubby and I sat down to watch a movie (Get Smart) and I just can't sit and watch a movie, I have to be doing something else so I decided to work on some birthday cards that I needed to make for some birthdays that are coming up next week. The first one I did based on another Mojo Monday sketch and I made it for my husband's Grandma, for her birthday! She is the sweetest little lady and is turning 84 this year! The 2nd card is one I made out of my head for my friend Stephanie. She used to be my stepmom but is still a very, very dear friend to me! The 3rd card I made for my stepson who will be turning 12 this month! YIKES! My hubby and I started dating when Taylor was 2 1/2...where does the time go? In some aspects it feels like it's been an eternity but in other aspects it seems like it was just yesterday! Lastly, the 4th card is for my sister, Lottie! It's a pretty simple card but it's cute, cute like Lottie! :)


  1. I love ALL your cards. They are all so pretty!

  2. These are great! I know what you mean about not being able to just sit and watch a movie. Whenever my hubby and I sit to watch something, I always have some sort of paper project in front of me too. *Ü*