Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shtuff! :)

Alright, so it's the day before Mother's Day and I'm scrambling to finish my cards! Thankfully I was able to send my mom and MIL's cards out on time but the rest of the bunch will get them late! Better late than never, right?! :) This is the first year I've hand-made cards so that's my takes me awhile to make each card and finding the time to do them with a busy schedule, 2 kiddos, one of which is a baby and everything else I've got going on...phew, but I love it all! I was inspired by the Mojo Monday Sketch and this card (above) is one I made for my "co-mom". She's my stepson's mom and every year I send her a card. We don't get along a lot of the time but I know the Lord has placed her in my life for a purpose and I 'try' to maintain civility when at all possible! :) The Lord has to help me a lot with that but it's getting better! LOL

I've managed to finish my swaps and get those mailed out ON TIME! HOORAY!!! I made the comp books and pens (see previous post), squash books (no pics) and then these checkbook covers! I've never done a swap before and was so nervous but I think everything turned out cute. I can't wait to see what I get back!!


  1. Wow!!! That treasure life card is GORGEOUS!!

  2. I love your checkbook covers! and that card is SO good!