Saturday, June 20, 2009

My kids are all together...and a card!

This is a picture of my stepson (dark, curly hair in the middle) and my 2 kiddos. Guessing from some of the comments I think people were thinking I was in the picture. I've been hinting and then not so subtly telling Taylor I was gonna whack his hair off! LOL He is looking a little girly but he says he doesn't mind! LOL

Well, my two kiddos and I made the 4 1/2 hr trip to pick up my stepson and 4 1/2 hr trip back home and thank the good Lord we made it in one piece. I was getting frazzled at the end because my sweet Tatym was DONE with being in the carseat and wanted nothing more of it! It's frustrating when the other parents won't meet us any closer (they only drive one hour to meet us and we drive 4-5 hours depending on how many stops we have to make for the kids) and it's getting old! I shouldn't complain considering for years they wouldn't meet us anywhere so we drove 5+ hours just to pick Taylor up! I thank God for whatever we get I guess! LOL The most important thing is TAYLOR'S HERE!!! Keegan and Tatym are so excited to see him and can't quit loving on him! He's here for 9 days so we got lots planned and we're going to enjoy him while he's here!

On another note I spent something like 3 hours last night working on cards for swaps. I cut enough paper for 10 cards and put together 5 of them. Here's what they look like:

I have 2 other sets of 10 to make on top of those and I'll post them later!

I pray everyone has a blessed Father's Day tomorrow! I'm gonna be teaching childrens' church and then spending the day with my little family and probably visit the inlaws! What a special day!
God bless!!


  1. What a beautiful card, Christina! I can relate to being the one that makes the longer trip to do the switch. It is worth it to keep the peace for the children. They will realize what you did when they are older.

  2. What trials you have overcome..and now you are all together! Enjoy! What a cute picture of your family!
    I love your card. So pretty!

  3. Cute guys look so cozy!!! Cute card too!!!

  4. Thank God you guys had a safe trip! I know it must be difficult on you all, but you are right, you have Taylor for nine days and you'll enjoy every mooment with him! Love the card, it is very pretty..
    Kim xxx

  5. You look very happy with your family and all!
    way to go!
    Cute kids... I like your blog background... haha
    Is it a table cloth?

  6. Such a cute card!! I would love to get it in a swap.