Thursday, June 25, 2009

Having withdrawls...

It feels like forever since I've had a chance to sit down and do some crafting of one form or another and I'm starting to get twitchy! LOL The good thing is that we're having a GREAT visit with my stepson which is why I'm so tired in the evenings that I veg out on the couch/bed and fall asleep early instead of doing my projects. I'm also prepping for my sweet baby girls birthday party this Sunday. I really feel bad for the 2nd child. I've always planned big parties for Keegan (my son) and gone all out for him and I haven't done nearly as much for Tatym! I figured that she's turning one, she's not going to remember the party let alone the decorations or what-have-you and I'm trying to be wiser with our finances so spending all the money on things that really don't matter seems like a waste at this point. We're gonna have presents, cake & ice cream, goody bags and a play day at the park so it will be fun! I just pray that we're blessed with nice weather!!

I've got lots to be thankful for this week and that's what I'm focusing on. I'm having fun with Taylor which I never dreamed it would be this good and I still have hopes that it will continue to get better. My sweet baby is turning a year old and she's happy and healthy and my little miracle baby. We've just about finished up my son's 1st grade curriculum so we'll be venturing into 2nd grade this summer (we homeschool all year) and my sister is coming to town this weekend so I get to spend some time with her! She's getting ready to start her 3rd year of dental school and she lives 4 hours north so as you can imagine, she's a busy little bee and I look forward to her long weekends or vacations!! I seem to get bogged down sometimes by negativity that is a constant drain in my life (those of you in a blended family might know exactly what I'm talking about) but it's so amazing when you can step back and see all the other blessings the Lord is giving around the hard stuff!

I hope you all are well and I try to sneak on here once a day at least to check out new postings by fellow bloggers so keep em coming! Happy Thursday!!!!

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