Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making some head-way!

Tonight I managed to cut out all 24 stocking shapes for the advent (see previous post). I've decided that since my sewing machine hates me and I'm not willing to take the time to make up with it, I'm going to hand sew each little stocking. I'm just folding over the edges so it looks a little nicer (notice, I said "little" nicer because yes, I'm the sewer so it still looks like a kindergartener made it). *SIDE NOTE* I notice that to write sew-er it is spelled the same as sewer, ya know, the place where poo and pee go. It's weird to me that they would be spelled the same so I think from now on I will use the dash between sew and er! LOL I'm a nut job! Ok, back to the subject...I managed to get three of the stockings sewed up and then I pinned them onto the base of the advent. Still deciding whether I want to have a couples therapy session with my sewing machine and try to see if we can improve our relationship or if I'm just going to shove it back in my closet and pull out my new BFF, the ironing fabric adhesive. We'll see how I'm feeling once I've sewn up the 21 remaining stockings! :) Here's a pic from my work tonight:


  1. Honey bee, I had never thought of it that way, I is way better than sewer...Your stockings will be adorable! Anything created with the hand and from the heart is precious in my eyes.
    Kim xXx

  2. How about seamstress LOL!!! You are a brave soul..this will look SO cute.