Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am one happy lady this evening!!
(Don't mind the red face, I just got back from a 3.5 mile walk with my sister!)

I have the BEST husband in the entire UNIVERSE!!! For awhile now I've been eye-balling the Cricuts and talking to my hubby about whether I should get one or not (space issues) and if I was to get one, wondering which one I wanted the most. He's been looking online and in stores with me and I decided that if I was going to spend the money on one I wanted to get the Expression because it's capable of doing the biggest projects. I didn't want to buy the smaller one and decide down the road I wanted the bigger one and end up paying even more. Then I saw on Black Friday that they had colored ones and I have had my eyes on the red one. Never in a million years did I think my hubby would drop that kind of money on one of those, especially this time of year when sales aren't as big at his work. My poor husband has the worst luck at trying to surprise me with anything! I don't purposely go out looking to ruin his surprises, it just seriously happens by shear accident! One year he hid something UNDER the dresser and I happened to decide to rearrange our bedroom and that's how I found it! How was he to know his crazy wife would move his dresser?? LOL He's bought cards for me and was stock piling them in his drawer and I happened to go through it to throw out old stuff and organize and I found them! He has the worst luck! So tonight the credit card bill came and I normally don't look at the charges section because we haven't used our credit cards for quite awhile but there was an error on the last bill so I was checking to see if it had been fixed and happend to see that he made a big purchase to an ebay seller and with the amount I just knew it had to be my Cricut! I looked over at him and he instantly knew what I had found! Poor poor guy! He got up, got his shoes on and headed down to his work where he'd been stashing it! I told him that I was sorry for ruining his surprise but not to feel bad, to me it doesn't matter whether the surprise is on Christmas or on a Tuesday, it means a lot to me that he put the effort into finding the exact thing I wanted and attempted to surprise me at Christmas! I'm soooooooooo excited! Mind you, I've never even used a Cricut so I have no idea exactly how to use it (other than a general idea from what I've seen on the 5-million infomercials I've watched of the Cricuts) so tomorrow I'm going to clear off my crafting space and start playing around with it!

Here it is in the box:

This Serenade cartridge came in the box with it and this is the one I'm most excited about! It's got butterflies (my fave), birdcages/houses, trees, flowers, swirls...all the good stuff!

This Plantin SchoolBook cartridge was also in the box originally:

The next two cartridges had been added as a bundle purchase with the Cricut and previous 2 cartridges (so I got 4 total)! The Tinker bell & Friends (which is perfect because I have stickers of them stuck on my daughters wall and they are also Christmas ornaments we bought for her this year) and the Storybook cartridge:


  1. Lucky girl! You are going to have some fun with it, love mine - I really want a pink one now!

  2. You are a lucky gal!!! bot those first two carts are just fantastic!!! You will have FUN.