Sunday, December 6, 2009

I LOVE craft fairs!

Yesterday I made the 2 hour drive over to this big craft fair with my kiddos and talk about being in heaven!!! I'd never been to this particular craft fair and was blown away by just the size of it! It was held at the fairgrounds and took up 4 HUGE buildings, wall-to-wall! Praise the Lord my kids were super good (until the end when my 17 month old daughter decided to have a meltdown). We spent about 2 1/2 hours walking around and I kept trying to take mental notes of all the projects I wanted to attempt to recreate on my own. I wanted desperately to whip out my camera and just take pictures but figured that would be pretty rude! I did take out my notebook and take some notes of things so that maybe it would jog my memory when I got home and I could visualize what I wanted to do. Seeing the booths made me want to have my own booth...maybe in a few years when my kiddos are older! I could totally make a lot of that stuff and even more things that no one else had! The funny thing is to see how many booths were so similar! I can't even count how many booths had the dish towels with the crochet tops that you can loop around the fridge door handle of the stove handle or the no-sew blankets (which I love to make and give as gifts too) or all the beaded jewelry booths! So many!!! I was given strict orders from my hubby that I was to "be good" which coming from him means that I wasn't to spend any money. I figured I could buy a few things but told myself I wasn't to spend more than $80 which is how much cash I had on me. I'm happy to report that I only spent about $50 on crafts. My son was rewarded with a pop gun for being such a big help to me and for being so good. He also got a water balloon yo-yo thing. Here are pictures of my other purchases:
This is my favorite find of the day!! And yes, I totally had one of those "I can make that myself" moments but since I don't have a Cricut (YET) I went ahead and bought it ($10) and it will look great in my scrapping area!

These are some leggings I bought for my daughter. I don't sew very well or really, hardly ever at all so I thought it was ok to spend the $8. They look so cute on her!!

These are so stinking cute! I'm sure almost everyone has seen these before. You put the candy in the clear cup and seal it up and it's an ornament! I got the Santa, Snowman, Gingerbread Man and the Ornament, each for $2.99 and will attempt to recreate them for next year!

This is another favorite and yes, another one of those "hey, I can make that myself" purchases. I just couldn't help myself!! It was $12.50 and it will go nicely in my living room, right above my fireplace!

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  1. LOVE them all...but the first one is awesome!