Monday, November 23, 2009

More Tukey Day Cards

Ok so I just have to brag for a second about what a great hubby I have!! The other night we had just laid the kids down for the night and Josh asks me if he can make a card with me! I thought he was joking but he said if I'd help him do it then he'd love to make a card with me! Now, he didn't do this because he's just been dying to get his hands on all my cool crafting stuff, no, he did it because he wanted to spend time with me doing something I enjoy doing!! Isn't he awesome?! He actually did a good job and even chose what papers he wanted, they way he wanted it to look and put it all together on his own from picking the papers to applying adhesive to sponging ink around the edges and applying ribbon for finishing touches!! I love him! So, here is his handy work:

Not too stinkin bad for his first (and very likely, his last LOL) card! To return the favor I sat down with him for about 10-15 minutes and played his video game with him! I figured it was only fair and it was nice that we were both able to take the time to step into each other's hobby world! :)

The deadline quickly caught up to me on the day that I had to have 15 cards made to put in each Thanksgiving dinner food baskets so Saturday night I was scrambling to get 10 more cards made. There was a big ol' storm going on outside and as I heard the wind just whipping around and knocking things over I just prayed like crazy that the power wouldn't go out! Not sure how my cards would look having to put them together by candlelight! LOL The Lord helped me out and kept the power on and here are the 10 cards I made that night.


  1. I've missed my good girlfriend! YOu've been very busy! Love these fall/Thanksgiving cards. The glittery shimmery effect is gorgeous! I sure hope you and your beautiful family have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
    Kim xXx

  2. LOVE all of the sooo pretty. I am amazed your hubby made a card..woohooo for him.