Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas cards galore! :)

Well, this past week has been crazy! Hubby was on vacation and his best friend got married so we were busy with all that fun stuff and spent 4 days at my sister's house. One night I was actually able to get some cards made while I watched a movie with my brother-in-law (hubby was at the bachelor party and sister crashed early). It's still hard to believe that I need to make about 30 more cards but I'll bust them out this week & next week hopefully! The happy note is that I'm pretty much done with Christmas present shopping! It's nice to be ahead in that area. I hate scrambling at the last minute to fine meaningful gifts for people! It will be nice to kick back and enjoy the Christmas festivities all month and not be stressed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHRISTMAS!

1 comment:

  1. More yummy Chirstmas cards from you! Loving all your cards. Tell me about how crazy things are here lately!
    Kim xXx