Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 More Christmas Cards

Finally I'm able to post these! For some reason Blogger has been giving me issues the past 2 days when I've tried to log in and post new blogs.

Anyways, here are 2 Christmas cards I made the other night. I was very productive that night! :) I counted out how many cards I had already completed (35 cards), put them in envelopes, put address labels on them and created my christmas card list. Come to find out I need to make about 40 more cards to mail out by December 1st so I really need to get my hiney in gear and get to busting out some more cards! Worse case scenario I do have some store bought cards that I bought on sale after Christmas last year but I really don't want to resort to that. We'll see! I still have some Christmas gifts to make too so I'm gonna be a busy little bee the next month & a half!

Happy Sunday!


  1. These are great cards ladybug. I haven't even begun mine...yikes...
    Kim xXx

  2. You have a LOT of Christmas cards to make girlie !!! I haven't been having any probs with blogger ...I know you posted a message on FB to me but I have been working all weekend and didn't answer you!
    I LOVE the two cards you posted..the trees are darling.

  3. These are pretty, I like that color combo!