Saturday, September 26, 2009

WW Weigh-In Week #10

First off, check out this sunset we had tonight!! I have family visiting from Arizona and a group of us went to the beach to watch the sunset and it was freezing but GORGEOUS!!! (You can click on the picture to see a bigger version.)

So I'm late getting this posted! I did really bad this week at Weight Watchers...gained 1.6 lbs this week YIKES! Oh well, I'm not really beating myself up about it which I'm really surprised about! I guess I knew it was coming, sorta been expecting it for a few weeks now. It's girly time stuff along with a super busy schedule and eating out WAY too had to add up eventually! Now that my nephew is back home with his mom I'm hoping to get a grip on our schedule and start cooking dinner at home again. Really looking forward to soccer season being over especially now that DH and I have signed up to be the Tiger Cub Scout den leaders which is going to add to an already crazy schedule! I've figured out that I get really overwhelmed and stressed out if I focus on too many things at one time. I can't look at the whole weeks events, I have to take it one day and project at a time or I get anxious and freaked out and start getting snippety with my hubby!

On a side note, my other sister, Kimberly is a total angel!!! She came down this past week to spend time with us and she told me that on Thursday she didn't care what I did or where I went but I was not allowed to take my kiddos! She wanted to bless me with a Mommy Day where I didn't have to worry about the kids or the house or anything, I was just able to go and do whatever I wanted to do and it was AWESOME! Seriously, since my son has been born (he's almost 7) I have NEVER spent an entire day doing stuff just for me, that I enjoy doing by myself or with friends. I love my family more than life itself but I was desperately needing a day for me and I'm so beyond thankful that Kim did that for me! What did I do on my special day??? One of my best friends, Dea and I started around 8am by going to a local cafe and ordered coffee drinks, hopped in my hubby's sports car and drove down the coast a little ways and walked along the beach for about an hour and the Lord truly blessed us with perfect weather. We chatted, took some pictures and got some exercise then we drove down to the shops and went in just about every store on the strip and we were able to take our time and look at everything and not have to worry about kids grabbing things or begging for us to buy them things or saying they were bored! It was awesome! LOL After spending a few hours shopping we headed back to our town and grabbed some lunch at the cafe, browsed around the Christian bookstore, chatted a bit then walked down the street looking in antique stores and little shops that we had never been in before. We went to the pottery store and colored pottery for an hour or so which is another amazing thing to do without the kiddos! We were able to take our time and focus on our projects in peace and quiet and got to visit without any interruptions. We walked down a few more streets looking in neat stores and then I had to run to Weight Watchers and a Cub Scout meeting. Hubby and I were supposed to go out to dinner and a movie afterwards but our sweet baby girl was having some tummy issues and got a fever so we opted to grab fast food and just eat at home and snuggle little Tatym til she went to bed. Even though the day ended sadly with her being sick it was generally a perfect day for me. A much needed break which I jokingly told my DH should be a once-a-month event! LOL Seriously though, I'm definitely going to do something like that at least twice a year, it did wonders for my attitude!!

Well, now that I've babbled long enough, I'm totally exhausted this evening and need to hit the hay! I'm working tomorrow (my one day a month) and I'm also going to visit some family in the morning so I need my sleep!

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!
Here are pictures from our walk on the beach on our Mommy Day Out:


  1. nice blog Christina good job keep it up

  2. Wow, what an amanzing sunset! Thanks for sharing with us!!! don't beat yourself up about 1.6 pounds. You'll get back on track and do great this week, I know you will. You do have such a fabby sis, to give a girlie day out and not worry about the kids and house. We Aunties like to do things for the kiddos and help you guys out too! Amazings pics you are sharing.
    Kim xXx

  3. I am VERY late with this post, as I had just by accident run across your BLOG.
    ~~Having been a mother of three little kids under the age of 4...(at one time~ back in the day )...I totally understand how important having a day off from them means...I never had that opportunity, as I had NO family near me when my kids were that young. Nor could I afford a babystitter.
    But GOOD FOR YOUR SISTER..and good for you that you recognize the NEED for this type of break. ~~Do whatever it takes to do that for yourself as often as you are is very important for your mental health ( lol) and it benefits the children in the LONG RUN when Momma is happy.
    I am now the GRANDMOTHER of three grown grandkids..but STILL remember the days when my kids were little and I could have really used a day like you had. ~~