Sunday, February 21, 2010

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my Cricut?

Yesterday I was just tackled with a migraine! Those of you that have ever had a migraine know just how crippling they are and how miserable you feel for the whole day. This was only my 4th ever migraine and I pray, my last! My poor sister suffers from migraines and I don't know what brought this one on, the others only happened when I was preggers with my daughter so this one caught me way off guard! Anyways, by the end of the night my head was down to a low dull pain and although I was light headed, I couldn't stand being stuck in my bed or on the couch for one more second. My amazingly awesome and spectacular and wonderful husband wanted to spend some time with me so he helped me set up the Cricut and we started working using my new cartridges and also busted out the roll of magnet that we've been wanting to test out!

Here are 2 cards we made and some magnets:

The Cricut is one of THE best inventions on the planet!!! :O) I love the owl card and how easy it just cuts them out and those magnets are adorable and got lots of excitement from the kiddos this morning! I definitely recommend getting the thick cutting blades and some rolls of many possibilities!


  1. Maybe I should have you teach me how to use mine! I want to do vinyl!

  2. Love your fun cards! I pray this is the last one you have too! I've had them since I was 11. I love my cricut too! Good to see you creating again!
    Kim xXx

  3. Award for you :) -

  4. Yes, you have mentioned it a time or two! ;)You should take pictures of the step-by-step of your next project--I still don't understand HOW a Cricut works!

    Praying that you stay migraine-free!

  5. These are awesome! I love mine too. Which cartridges did you use?

  6. I used the Wild Card cartridge for the cards, including the words and Stretch Your Imagination for the firefly magnets.

  7. I love the magnets. I have a cricut and have yet to experiment with magnets and vinyl. Please do a tutorial.

    I also suffer from the occassional migraine. I pray that God will heal you from your migraines.

  8. Love your work! Those bees are just too cute! :)