Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walking Pneumonia

First, off, here's pictures of our St. Patty's Day cake and my daughter's bottle of green formula! Fun fun fun!!

So for the past week I've been pretty darn sick and after finally calling my Dr. I went in and found out I have walking pneumonia. That's one of the bummers of not having health insurance for sure. I would have gone into my Dr. days ago but kept putting it off, hoping I'd get better and here I am just getting worse and worse. He prescribed me an antibiotic and an inhaler (yay, I'll be able to breathe again) and said by Monday I should be feeling much better. Had I gone to the Dr. a few days ago, perhaps I'd be feeling better by today. Oh well, that's life! I'm just so thankful that the Lord has placed me in a country where I can just call the Dr. and be seen that afternoon and have the means to get the medicine to make me feel better! I realize that there are probably millions of people that don't have that luxury! Soooooo....after that, just ignore my whining about not having health insurance! :)

Since I've gotten sick I haven't had even the faintest amount of energy to do any crafting and it's driving me nuts. I dream about crafting and I caught a show on HSN (Home Shopping Network) where they were selling scrapbooking supplies and I was drooling! LOL I'm excited because my Close To My Heart orders came in so I had a blast looking through all the stuff everyone ordered and then being in hog heaven when it came to the stuff I ordered! Mmmmmm....LOVE their stuff! Definitely the perfect job for me!!

So, hopefully I'll be feeling better within the next few days and I'll have some energy to sit down and do some creating!!

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  1. I love the green formula, made me giggle! (-: Cute cake, too. What fun! I'm glad your feeling better now, it definitely stinks being sick! As to having no energy, while that is ongoing for me - augh! I know how much that stinks too! I love seeing your creations here, I am glad I will still get to see them after we move!